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  • Detailed information about the awards, categories, criteria, and the selection process.

How to Apply:

  • Guidelines and application process for journalists and writers seeking to be considered for the award.

The E-JournoRewards Awards: Celebrating Excellence in Earth Replenishment.

The E-JournoRewards Awards: A Global Celebration of Earth Replenishment & Responsible Business

Championing Pioneers in Rejuvenating our Planet through Words and Actions

In an era where the planet's well-being is at the forefront of global discussions, the role of conscientious journalism, proactive businesses, and dedicated individuals is paramount.


The E-JournoAwards recognize these beacons of hope, around the globe, who are leading the charge in replenishing the Earth and encouraging responsible business practices.

Spanning various sectors—from health and wellness to financial literacy, and from environmental conservation to spiritual enlightenment—our awards spotlight those who craft narratives that inspire, educate, and drive action.


They are the voices that guide individuals towards a prosperous life and a sustainable world.

Award Categories:

  1. Best Health and Wellness Reporting: Celebrating pieces that provide valuable insights into holistic well-being.

  2. Outstanding Business Journalism: Honoring reports that delve deep into the intricacies of responsible and sustainable businesses.

  3. Inspirational Book of the Year: Recognizing authors whose books foster positive change and personal growth.

  4. Global Environmental Stewardship in Journalism: Saluting journalists who address global environmental concerns and champion the cause of Earth replenishment.

  5. Emerging Voice Award (for New Talents): Spotlighting up-and-coming journalists or authors making a significant impact in their early career.

  6. Sustainable Business of the Year: Acknowledging corporations and industry leaders pushing the envelope in sustainable practices and Earth replenishment.

  7. Best Environmental Publication of the Year: Celebrating publications that consistently prioritize and spotlight environmental concerns.

  8. Lifetime Achievement for Earth Replenishment: Recognizing individuals whose lifelong work has substantially contributed to the cause of replenishing the Earth.

Every year, a select panel of esteemed judges—comprising seasoned journalists, renowned authors, industry leaders, and environmental champions—meticulously evaluate the submissions, ensuring that the recipients truly resonate with the ethos of the awards.

Now, we're thrilled to introduce an expanded roster of award categories to amplify our mission:

  1. Outstanding Television Shows: Celebrating programs that bring the beauty and urgency of Earth's restoration to millions of homes, igniting hearts and minds with each episode.

  2. Impactful Documentaries: Honoring films that delve deep into the heart of environmental challenges, weaving narratives that leave indelible imprints on our souls.

  3. Audiovisual Masterpieces: Recognizing the creative geniuses who craft immersive experiences, using the power of visuals and sound to propel the message of Earth rejuvenation far and wide.

  4. Influential Social Media Channels and Sites: Amplifying the voices that resonate across the digital landscape, uniting millions in a collective call to action for our planet.

The Significance of E-JournoRewards Awards:

By celebrating these pillars of excellence, we aim to foster a media and business environment that prioritizes authenticity, depth, and positive societal impact over fleeting trends and short-term gains.


The E-JournoRewards Awards stand as a testament to the power of responsible journalism and sustainable business practices in sculpting a brighter, greener future.


Be part of this monumental movement. Nominate a journalist, author, business, or publication today, and contribute to the noble mission of Earth rejuvenation and responsible business propagation.

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