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The E-Journo Champions of Change
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Ignite the Spark of Change:

Join the Vanguard of Earth's Stewards

In a world teeming with challenges, a few daring visionaries have taken the mantle of change, showing us the path to a sustainable future. Through their relentless endeavors in climate-tech innovation, financial empowerment, transformative travel, holistic healthcare, conscientious wholesaling, strategic public relations, compassionate mental health advocacy, pioneering sustainable technology, resourceful human networking, and insightful journalism, these luminaries have not only envisioned a greener, more equitable world but have also laid down the groundwork for us to follow.

Today, we stand at a crossroads. The stories of Shivang Singh, Subodh Bajpai, Deepak Anand, Priya Prakash, Milin Shah, Richank Tiwary, Adya Vats, Vinu Nair, Shalini Nair, Shri Piyush Pandey, Smt. Shalini and Shri Nitin Soni, and Shri Ralph Menon are beacons that light our way towards a responsible future. As recipients of the E-Journo Civil Award, they represent the pinnacle of commitment to our planet and society.

Climate-Tech Innovator: Shivang Singh

Shivang Singh stands at the forefront of environmental revolution as a beacon of innovation and sustainability. As the founder and CEO of Impacto, he has harnessed the collective power of sustainable brands, pioneering a movement towards eco-friendly living. His vision has not only reshaped consumer habits but also paved the way for a greener economy. Shivang's leadership in climate-tech innovation is a clarion call to action, inspiring us to support and engage with businesses that prioritize our planet's future. Join the vanguard of change by choosing sustainability, and let's together build a legacy of environmental stewardship.


Financial Empowerment Architect: Subodh Bajpai

Subodh Bajpai's expertise as a financial maestro has empowered businesses and catalyzed economic growth. With a keen eye for equity financing and financial solutions, he has been instrumental in transforming the financial landscape. His acumen has not only invigorated companies but also fortified the foundations of responsible business practices. Subodh's recognition with the E-Journo Civil Award is a testament to his profound impact on the financial sector. Embrace his vision by investing in sustainable growth and champion the rise of businesses that empower communities and economies alike.


Travel Industry Virtuoso: Deepak Anand

In the realm of travel and exploration, Deepak Anand has emerged as a luminary, curating journeys that transcend the ordinary. As the CEO of TripHunter and Director at O Canada, his craftsmanship in creating enriching travel experiences has forged connections across cultures and landscapes. Deepak's dedication to facilitating educational transitions has broadened horizons and nurtured global citizens. His honor with the E-Journo Civil Award invites us to embark on a voyage of discovery and enlightenment. Let us travel with purpose and be part of the narrative that celebrates our world's diversity and beauty.


Healthcare Pioneer: Priya Prakash

Priya Prakash has championed the cause of health and wellness with her groundbreaking initiative, HealthSetGo. Her commitment to nurturing the well-being of the nation's youth has positioned India’s largest healthcare organization for schools as a pillar of progress. Priya's efforts echo a profound truth: the vitality of our future lies in the health of our children. The E-Journo Civil Award celebrates her unwavering dedication to this noble cause. Let us rally behind her vision, advocate for comprehensive healthcare, and sow the seeds for a healthier tomorrow.


Wholesale Industry Leader: Milin Shah

Milin Shah's accomplishments in the wholesale sector stem from a deep-seated expertise in business planning and interior design. His innovative strategies and aesthetic vision have not only transformed spaces but also uplifted entire industries. Milin's influence extends beyond commerce, leaving a lasting imprint on the sustainable development narrative. His recognition with the E-Journo Civil Award calls on us to recognize the pivotal role of thoughtful leadership in business. Let's embrace Milin's ethos by championing practices that marry profitability with sustainability.


Public Relations Strategist: Richank Tiwary

The strategic genius of Richank Tiwary, through Mediatronics PR, has redefined public relations, elevating the media landscape to new heights. His contributions to Entrepreneur Today have shaped public discourse and amplified voices that might otherwise go unheard. Richank's work is a bridge connecting innovation with the masses, fostering a well-informed society. Awarded the E-Journo Civil Award, his narrative urges us to appreciate the power of strategic communication. Engage with his vision, and let's together amplify stories that inspire change and progress.


Mental Health Advocate: Adya Vats

Adya Vats has become a cornerstone in the edifice of mental health advocacy with her initiative, Let Mind Speak. Her passion for mental wellness and her dedication to providing compassionate psychological services have illuminated the path for countless individuals seeking solace and support. Adya’s recognition with the E-Journo Civil Award is a clarion call to destigmatize mental health discussions and promote societal well-being. Let us heed this call by fostering environments that prioritize mental health, empowering individuals to speak openly and seek help.


Eminent Journalist: Shri Piyush Pandey

Shri Piyush Pandey's journalistic endeavors have carved narratives that deeply resonate with the ethos of Earth replenishment. His impactful articles serve as a testament to the power of the pen in mobilizing societal and environmental change. The E-Journo Civil Award bestowed upon him is a tribute to his commitment to conscientious journalism. Let his writings inspire us to become informed citizens and proactive agents of change, supporting initiatives that contribute to the healing and rejuvenation of our planet.


Publishing Innovators: Smt. Shalini and Shri Nitin Soni

Smt. Shalini and Shri Nitin Soni of Adhyyan Books are a formidable duo in the world of publishing, propelling the mission of Earth replenishment through educational and sustainable practices. Their innovative approach to book publications enlightens minds and fosters positive change. With the E-Journo Civil Award recognizing their contributions, let us pledge to partake in this literary renaissance. Seek knowledge from their works and let us join them in the noble quest to instill sustainability in the heart of every reader.


Networking Leader: Shri Ralph Menon

Shri Ralph Menon's networking prowess has been instrumental in uplifting society through sustainable initiatives. His tireless endeavors have woven a fabric of community that champions the cause of Earth replenishment. Honored with the E-Journo Civil Award, Ralph's story is an invitation to partake in collective action. Let us connect with his vision and collaborate to elevate our societal impact, embarking on a shared journey towards a more sustainable and just future.


The call to action is clear: to champion and embody the ethos of these visionary leaders. As we celebrate the E-Journo Civil Award winners, let us be inspired by their dedication and join hands in the noble pursuit of a sustainable and replenished Earth. Their stories are not just narratives of success but blueprints for a brighter future that we can all aspire to create.


B.L. Vaidhyan 


Neha Yadav 

Chief Mission Coordinator 

The E-Journo Award


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