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E-Journo Award-
Embrace Their Legacy, Forge Your Path.

05 January 2024








E-Journo Civil Award-Honors the champions of change.

Vishwanath's legacy of leadership sets the stage for the E-Journo Civil Award, a recognition of transformative stewardship. K.M. Subbaiah's sericulture revolution, P.G.K. Nair's socially-conscious leadership, Ralph Menon's environmental advocacy, Karan Batra's green accounting, Jacob Vaidhyan's dedication to social upliftment, and the enduring influence of K.K. Mathukutty Vaidhyan, now joined by Kishan Dutt Kalaskar's blend of judicial integrity and environmentalism. These E-Journo Civil Award winners embody the virtues that drive our collective mission. May their remarkable contributions ignite a fervent passion for progress in us all. Engage with the movement, contribute to meaningful change, and carry forward the legacy of these extraordinary visionaries for a more just and sustainable tomorrow.

Mr. K.M. Subbaiah receives the E-Journo Civil Award for achievements in sericulture. He significantly advanced the industry's productivity while promoting sustainable practices. His leadership has contributed to the economy and improved the livelihoods of those involved in the sector. He has demonstrated efficient management skills in his approach to social causes, leading initiatives that address complex challenges faced by communities. His efforts are an inspiration to others in the field.

C.A. Karan Batra, celebrated as one of India's leading Chartered Accountants and the driving force behind the esteemed Chartered Club, is honored with the E-Journo Civil Award. His commitment to sustainable practices has redefined responsible business conduct in the accounting sphere. Batra's guidance has been instrumental in fostering fiscal and ecological prudence within businesses, promoting green policies that enhance corporate ecological resilience. His influence extends beyond financial success, nurturing a culture of sustainability and inspiring a legacy of corporate responsibility.

Mr. P.G.K Nair receives the E-Journo Civil Award for blending professional excellence with social responsibility. Nair's innovative management strategies have boosted organizational performance while significantly impacting social initiatives. His expertise has streamlined processes, boosting productivity, and promoted a culture of community support. The initiatives Nair champions aid the vulnerable and strive for societal equity.

Mr. Ralph Menon is honored with the E-Journo Civil Award for his social initiatives that promote Earth's restoration. Advocating for responsible consumption and sustainability, he has inspired a community-led movement towards environmental stewardship. His dedication to social causes has amplified ecological preservation efforts, highlighting the link between societal health and the environment. Menon's unwavering commitment is pivotal to driving social change for the planet's benefit.

Mr. Jacob Vaidhyan earns the E-Journo Civil Award for his tireless dedication to social upliftment, championing the cause of the underprivileged. His work in driving social change has significantly improved the lives within marginalized communities. A beacon of hope, Vaidhyan's initiatives have bridged gaps, fostering equity and empowerment. His deep commitment has not only set new benchmarks for social responsibility but also inspired others to follow suit. His endeavors have greatly contributed to community welfare, promoting a spirit of inclusivity. Vaidhyan's passionate advocacy and actions are a testament to his role as a pivotal force for societal betterment.

Retired Judge Kishan Dutt Kalaskar is honored with the E-Journo Civil Award for his exemplary fusion of justice with environmental conservation. His career stands as a testament to the noblest principles of the legal profession, advocating for ethical integrity and a deep commitment to the planet's well-being. Judge Kalaskar's efforts have illuminated the path for integrating ecological care into the fabric of jurisprudence. His legacy challenges us to continue this dual pursuit of justice and Earth stewardship. Let us collectively uphold his vision, ensuring that with every step towards justice, we also tread lightly upon the Earth, fostering a sustainable and equitable future.

Mr. K.K. Mathukutty Vaidhyan has been posthumously honored with this prestigious E-Journo Civil Award, a testament to his unwavering commitment to bettering the lives of the less fortunate. His visionary work in healthcare, education, and environmental conservation continues to inspire and resonate within the communities he served. This accolade serves not only as recognition of his profound impact but also as a tribute to the enduring legacy he leaves behind. His life's mission, carried out with compassion and dedication, will remain a guiding light for future humanitarian efforts.

E-Journo Civil Award - Exemplary Environmental Management.

M.L.A. Vishwanath Yelehanka is the esteemed recipient of the E-Journo Civil Award for his comprehensive and effective management strategies that have fostered Earth Replenishment in his constituency. His leadership has been pivotal in integrating sustainable practices across various domains, ensuring the conservation of natural resources and promoting a greener future. The holistic environmental policies implemented by Yelehanka stand as a testament to his dedication and have led to substantial ecological improvements, including the enhancement of water conservation efforts. Through his vision and execution, Yelehanka has set a benchmark for environmental governance, inspiring a commitment to the planet that transcends political boundaries. This award honors his significant contributions to creating resilient communities and a sustainable environment.

E-Journo Civil Award - Honoring Heritage, Inspiring Futures

The E-Journo Civil Award stands as a beacon, honoring visionaries like Subbaiah, Nair, Menon, Batra, Jacob, Kalaskar, and the late Mathukutty Vaidhyan. Their profound commitment has shaped our societal and environmental ethos. Their actions have inspired a movement, urging us to take up the mantle in pursuit of a sustainable and just world.

We are called to action, to be the architects of a future that celebrates their legacy. By participating in the E-Journo Civil Awards, you become part of a collective endeavor to forge a path of responsible stewardship and compassionate leadership.

Nominate, engage, and help us propagate the values that these pioneers have instilled. Join in the mission to create a lasting impact that honors their contributions and fuels global transformation.

B.L. Vaidhyan

Neha Yadav
Chief Mission Coordinator
E-Journo Civil Awards


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