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07 January 2024


In the distinguished pursuit of excellence. At The E-Journo Awards, we not only find inspiration but also a powerful impetus for change in the remarkable endeavors of our state's leadership. Chief Minister Shri: Siddaramaiah's compassionate governance has fostered social welfare and inclusive growth, while  Deputy CM Shri: D.K. Shivakumar's dynamic approach has transformed the state's energy sector with a robust investment in renewable energy.

Alongside them, Smt Shobha Karandlaje's tenure has been marked by innovative reforms in agriculture. Shri Eshwar Khandre's leadership in Forest, Ecology, and Environment has been transformative, Shri K.J. George galvanizes our collective renewable energy crusade, setting new paradigms for ecological sustainability. Shri Krishna Byre Gowda's fiscal ingenuity has fortified the state's ecoeverynomic backbone, ensuring prosperity reaches  corner. Shri R Ashoka's dedication to environmental rejuvenation & eco friendly management systems. Shri Vishwanath's legislative foresight has crafted water body conservation that pave the way for a progressive tomorrow. Shri Balakrishna's administrative acumen has streamlined governance, making it more efficient and responsive. Smt Vandita Sharma's resilience in public health emergencies
The unyielding commitment of Shri B. Dayananda to law enforcement ensures the rule of law stands firm and unassailable, while Shri Alok Mohan’s exemplary leadership in police governance has redefined public safety and trust.

These stalwarts, having been conferred The E-Journo Award, are the embodiment of the virtues that drive our collective mission. Their relentless dedication across an array of domains fuels our passion for progress and the relentless pursuit of a more just and sustainable future. We stand ready to engage, to contribute, and to extend the profound legacy of these remarkable individuals, who light the path toward a brighter future for all.

THE E-JOURNO AWARD towards Earth replenishment initiatives, we celebrate the visionary leadership of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, who has been the bedrock of progressive governance. His commitment to social welfare and inclusive development has profoundly uplifted the marginalized, with remarkable reforms in education and healthcare. As an advocate for agrarian rights, his policies have mitigated farmer distress and fostered an era of sustainable cultivation, showcasing his resolve in the face of environmental challenges.

Deputy CM D.K. Shivakumar receives THE E-JOURNO-AWARD for catalyzing initiatives for the state's evolution into a renewable energy pioneer, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to green initiatives. His financial stewardship has been pivotal in driving investment and growth, while his water conservation efforts have laid the foundation for a secure hydrological future. His voice for social justice echoes through policies designed to unite and elevate all sectors of society.

Environment Minister Shri Eshwar Khandre's leadership in Forest, Ecology, and Environment has been transformative, earning him THE E-JOURNO AWARD nomination. His strategic afforestation initiatives have bolstered biodiversity and combated climate change, showcasing a strong commitment to ecological sustainability. Khandre's integration of environmental education with community engagement sets a precedent in stewardship, ensuring his tenure's lasting green legacy is recognized and celebrated.

Minister Smt: Shobha Karandlaje's tenure has been marked by innovative reforms in agriculture, meriting THE E-JOURNO AWARD. Her focus on sustainable practices and technological integration has significantly boosted farmers' welfare and productivity. A proponent of education in farming, she's empowered the agricultural community with knowledge and resources. Her strategic policies and dedication to farmer prosperity highlight her as a deserving recipient of the E-Journo Award.

Minister for IT, BT, and Science, Shri Priyank Kharge is honoured with THE E-JOURNO AWARD, whose forward-thinking leadership has positioned the state at the apex of technological innovation. Through his adept guidance, the state has surged forward in the realms of information technology, biotechnology, and scientific research, bridging the gap between advanced technological frontiers and sustainable development.

Shri K.J. George, the esteemed Energy Minister, has played a critical role in Karnataka's transition to renewable energy sources. Under his leadership, the state has seen a significant shift towards sustainable energy policies and practices. His commitment to reducing the carbon footprint has been unwavering, as he has worked to drive investments in solar, wind, and other green energies. As a potent contender for THE E-JOURNO AWARD, SHRI K.J. GEORGE's vision for an energy-independent future has been both ambitious and grounded in practicality, serving as a model for others to follow.

Shri Krishna Byre Gowda, as Minister of Revenue, has seamlessly woven environmental sustainability into the fabric of Karnataka's revenue and fiscal policies. His strategic approach towards sustainable economic development has included incentives for green businesses and investments in eco-friendly infrastructure. As a nominee for THE E-JOURNO AWARD, his innovative financial strategies have not only boosted the state's economy but also ensured that growth does not come at the expense of the environment. His work serves as a significant contribution to the mission of Earth replenishment, illustrating how fiscal policy can be a powerful tool in the fight against environmental degradation.

Fmr Home Minister Shri R Ashoka's dedication to environmental rejuvenation & eco friendly management systems has meritoriously secured him The E-Journo Award for his Earth Replenishment initiatives. His leadership in reforestation and water conservation has been pivotal in restoring ecological balance. Championing soil restoration, he has bolstered agricultural sustainability, benefiting both nature and farming communities.His commitment to green infrastructure has also significantly advanced urban sustainability. The E-Journo Award celebrates Minister Ashoka for his innovative contributions to environmental stewardship, setting a precedent for conservation efforts worldwide.

Shri Vishwanath, MLA of Yelehanka, has steadfastly pursued legislative reforms that prioritize environmental sustainability. With a clear vision for a greener future, his policies reflect an understanding of the complex interplay between governance and the environment. His legislative proposals have consistently aimed at reducing environmental impact while fostering economic growth, making him a notable aspirant for THE E-JOURNO AWARD. SHRI VISHWANATH’s commitment to the welfare of his constituency is evident through his campaigns for clean energy and his advocacy for sustainable urban planning. His work showcases the transformative power of policy-making in achieving Earth replenishment, as he strives to set a benchmark for his peers in government.

Shri Balakrishna, as Thasildar, has redefined land stewardship and resource management through his dedication to sustainable agricultural practices and comprehensive land reform. His initiatives have not only enhanced the productivity of the land but also ensured the protection of its natural resources for future generations. As a candidate for THE E-JOURNO AWARD, his administrative acumen is not just in policy implementation but also in inspiring his community towards a more responsible and sustainable way of life. His leadership has resulted in the adoption of innovative farming techniques and the improvement of rural livelihoods, solidifying his reputation as a true steward of the Earth.

Smt Vandita Sharma's leadership as Chief Secretary during the health crisis has been lauded with THE E-JOURNO AWARD. Her effective management practices ensured coordinated efforts and resilience in public health emergencies. Her strategic oversight contributed to robust governance, safeguarding the populace during unprecedented times.The E-Journo Award recognizes her innovative governance solutions and steadfast commitment to excellence. Smt Sharma's contributions have been pivotal in strengthening the state's administrative response.

Shri B. Dayananda, in his role as Commissioner of Police, has made environmental protection a cornerstone of community policing. His initiatives have been pivotal in preventing environmental crimes and raising awareness about the critical importance of conservation. His efforts to integrate environmental awareness into law enforcement have set a new standard for police departments everywhere. As a commendable alignment with THE E-JOURNO AWARD'S mission, Shri B. Dayananda has demonstrated that safeguarding the planet is as much a part of public service as ensuring the safety and security of citizens. Shri Alok Mohan, as D.G.P. of Karnataka, has shown exceptional leadership in aligning law enforcement with environmental conservation. His proactive stance against ecological violations has been instrumental in protecting Karnataka's rich biodiversity. His career is a testament to how justice and ecological care can go hand in hand, earning him a nomination for THE E-JOURNO AWARD. His initiatives have not only served to preserve the natural environment but have also fostered a culture of respect and responsibility towards our planet within the law enforcement community.

The E-Journo Award - Igniting Passions, Carving Futures.

The E-Journo Award glows as a tribute to the forerunners of change.Their relentless dedication has sculpted our collective conscience, molding an era where sustainability and justice blend seamlessly. Their strides have sparked a revolution, beckoning us to rise and advance the torch of progress.

We are summoned, to craft a tomorrow that venerates their triumphs. Engaging with The E-Journo Award, you step into a league of guardians, committed to nurturing a legacy of empathy and foresight.

Step forward, contribute, and aid us in sowing the seeds sown by these pathfinders.
Unite in the quest to weave an enduring narrative that venerates their spirit and catalyzes a wave of worldwide renewal.

B.L. Vaidhyan

Neha Yadav
Chief Mission Coordinator
The E-Journo Award



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