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Submit Your Nomination Today!

Be a Part of Celebrating Excellence in Journalism

Do you know a journalist, publication, or author whose work stands as a beacon of truth, integrity, and inspiration? Here’s your chance to give them the recognition they deserve.

The E-JournoRewards Awards are committed to honoring outstanding contributions in the realm of business journalism – those that enlighten the public, advocate for a healthier, wealthier, and spiritually enriched life, and inspire positive change in our world.

Why Nominate?

  • Shine a Light on Deserving Talent: Your nomination can help spotlight journalists and authors who are making a profound impact through their work.

  • Foster a Culture of Excellence: By nominating, you are contributing to a culture that values and rewards integrity and quality in journalism.

  • Join a Noble Cause: Be a part of a community that is actively working to promote journalism that not only informs but enlightens and uplifts.

How to Nominate:

  1. Visit Our Nomination Page: Click here to access the nomination form. (Please replace '[here]' with the actual link to your nomination page)

  2. Complete the Form: Provide all the necessary details about the nominee, including examples of their work.

  3. Tell Us Why: Share in detail why this nominee stands out and why they deserve this honor.

  4. Submit: Once you’ve filled out all the required fields, click the ‘Submit’ button to send in your nomination.

It’s that simple. By submitting your nomination, you are taking an active role in acknowledging and celebrating the journalists, publications, and authors who are making our world a better, more informed place.

Take the step. Make your voice heard. Submit your nomination today, and be part of something meaningful.

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